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Rhube's Icon & Fanart Journal

19 July 1983
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  • rhubicon@livejournal.com

It was time I made an icon journal.

Okay, not just an icon journal, although I imagine it shall be mostly for that - this journal is for my fanart, and also as a way for people in fandom to maybe get to know me (and me them) seeing as my personal journal is, of sad necessity, friends only.

You are welcome to nab any and all icons (unless otherwise stated). Comments and credits are love, but I will not hunt you down with guns for not doing so (unless you try to claim the work is yours - I mean, there still won't be guns, but I might be peeved).

Requests are welcome, although I am a busy lady, and history suggests I won't have the time. My chief fandom is Doctor Who, and specifically Peter Davison, but I'm by no means limited to this. Check out the interest and tags for an idea. I also icon random non-fan shit.

There will be slash here, there will almost certainly be photomanipulations, and some of them may be graphic. Consider yourself warned. If you don't want to see it, don't look ;-p